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Founder & CEO, Emergency and Addiction MD, CEO, Medical Director

Dr. Waldman, a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician, has been serving the community since 2002.  Her passion for access to care issues and bias in medicine began in her residency in Oakland, California. In 2005, she spear headed the opening of the Ithaca Free Clinic. She volunteers monthly and has been the Medical Director of the Free Clinic for many years.

Dr. Waldman's interest in Drug User Health was ignited by Svante Myrick's call to action with the Municipal Drug Policy Committee in September of 2014.  As a member of the Harm Reduction Pillar, the veil of discrimination against People Who Use Drugs in all aspects of life was lifted. It became Dr. Waldman's mission to see that all populations treated with stigma in the health care setting, get the care that they deserve.

In December of 2016, Dr. Waldman began as the clinician at New York State's first Health Hub at the Southern Tier Aids Program (STAP) Syringe Exchange Program (SEP). The Health Hub provides Low Threshold Harm Reduction Services including Opioid Replacement Therapy, Hep C testing and treatment, and acute primary care in a safe, compassionate setting for People Who Inject Drugs.

The REACH Project, Inc. and REACH Medical are for Dr. Waldman an extension of the work being done at the Health Hub. The medical practice will serve as a safety net for any Person Who Uses Drugs, and will help to change the culture around stigma.

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