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About Us 

Respectful, Equitable, Access to Compassionate Healthcare

Our Mission

The REACH Project Inc. is a nonprofit organization with the belief that all individuals deserve respectful, equitable, access to compassionate healthcare in a setting where they will not be stigmatized or judged based on drug use, homelessness, or any other issue that may cause less than adequate care in today's healthcare environment.

The REACH Project owns and operates the first low threshold, harm reduction medical practice in Ithaca, NY: REACH Medical.


OASAS Provider:

REACH Medical proudly transitioned to become a licensed provider under the Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) in New York State in February 2021.

This new licensure will improve our financial sustainability and allow us to treat significantly more patients moving forward.


About Us:

REACH Medical offers a wide range of services including: Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT), Hep C treatment, primary care, and behavioral services in a stigma-free, inclusive setting. 

The REACH Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization which works with and for individuals who typically face stigma in healthcare settings.


The REACH Project collaborates with other service-based organizations in our community to implement various programs which increase awareness around this issue, provide medical care, and solve critical problems facing individuals we serve. 

Our most comprehensive project to date is REACH Medical, a medical practice providing low threshold, harm reduction-informed care, for people who use drugs.

We Believe:

All individuals deserve equal access to high quality healthcare in a stigma-free setting where they will be treated with compassion and where their healthcare plan meets their needs and goals.

We contract with local medical providers from our hospital, our colleges and the practices in our community to create a safety net for our community. This is includes but is certainly not limited to people who use drugs.  Our providers and our staff are well trained in delivering stigma free care and know the importance of creating a safe, confidential space for our patients. Our patients come from all walks of life and our services must meet their needs.

Our services include but are not limited to:

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